Volunteer Information

Welcome to Columbia Borough School District and thank you for your interest in volunteering within our schools and wanting to assist in preparing our students for their future.

District Volunteer Guidelines
We want you to be prepared and comfortable with your volunteer service when serving in our schools. A 
District Volunteer Guidelines packet has been created to help answer questions you may have and help you have a great experience in our schools.

CBSD School Board Policy 916
CBSD School Board policy 916 is the governing policy for volunteers in our district. This policy describes in more detail the guidelines described in this document. You will need to become familiar with the definitions and policy of being a district volunteer.
Policy 916 is available from the district website:

Volunteer Checklist
To expedite the volunteer process, volunteers should complete all clearances along with all forms located in the District Volunteer Guidelines packet prior to turning in any paperwork. Incomplete packets will not be accepted. Thank you!

Volunteer Coaches
Volunteer Coaches will need to contact
Marvin Sanders in the Athletic Department for information on dropping off clearances.