COVID-19 Reporting Dashboard

Park Elementary School

Columbia Middle School-Taylor

Columbia High School/Columbia Middle School Hill Campus


District-Wide Totals

Active Confirmed Positive/Probable COVID-19 Case






Year-to-Date Total Overall Confirmed Positive COVID-19 Cases






* Active Confirmed Cases are moved to the Total Overall Confirmed Positive Covid-19 Cases when there is no exposure within the school, or the district has a PDE approved "reset of case count" of numbers due to a closure. If a case had no building exposure, or the last date the individual was in the building was before a closing/extended weekend, which provided the district with time for continued cleaning and disinfecting thus resetting the case count, then this case would be added to the Year-to-Date totals. Definition of PDE's "Reset of Case Count": Once a school closes based on the number of cases in a rolling 14-day period, the school completes the cleaning and contact tracing, and then reopens, the count for the school would ‘reset’ back to 0. This would not affect the Year-to-Date Total Overall Confirmed Positive numbers, but only those case numbers identified for a building calculation for the rolling 14-day period. In the event the building case numbers require a school closure within the 14-day rolling period, the calculation resets after the closure.

  • The Dashboard is updated daily.

  • Individuals who have been placed on quarantine are not included in the dashboard information.

  • The overall total could change as test results from probable cases are received and determined to be negative, meaning a probable case is no longer considered positive and close contacts no longer need to quarantine.

*Last updated 6/4/2021-Last student day of school