January 8, 2021

High School Parents and Caregivers,

This is a reminder that we will have numerous schedule changes next week in order to facilitate the administration of the winter Keystone Exams.

Monday (1/11) the high school will operate on a Wednesday schedule with students connecting through Zoom with their teachers from 8:00 to 1:00. A and B day students will work from home.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we will run a virtual asynchronous school day for all high school (9th -12th) students not testing on January 12th - 14thStudents not testing should stay home and complete assignments posted in Google Classroom and Schoology. There will be no Zoom meetings for classes these days as teachers will be proctoring the Keystone exams.

We will administer the Literature Keystone on Tuesday, the Algebra Keystone on Wednesday, and the Biology Keystone on Thursday. If your child is scheduled to take one of the Keystones you should have received a personalized letter indicating which day(s) they were to report at the beginning of Christmas break.

Students testing each day should report to the high school by 8:00 AM and proceed directly to their testing location. Room assignments will be posted on the front door and in the main lobby of the high school. Testing will conclude by 2:27 PM each day. If a student needs extra time, extra time will be provided. Lunch will be provided between the morning and afternoon test sessions.

Middle School students will follow their normal schedules Monday through Thursday 1/11-1/14. All middle school and high school students will be back on a normal B day schedule Friday 1/15!

We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we work to give these tests to ensure students meet state and federal graduation requirements this school year.

Thank you for your time and support,

 Robert Kedney

Interim Principal