Parent Meeting Recap and  "Return to Learn" Questionnaire

High School Parents and Caregivers:

If you missed the Parent Meeting Video you can watch it below. After you have finished watching the video, please read the message from the District Leadership Team and please fill out the "Return to Learn" Questionnaire below the video. The deadline for the questionnaire is August 5, 2020.


has been working non-stop to create plans that address the health, safety, and educational needs of the students, staff, and families of our district during this pandemic emergency. We solicited feedback from you, staff, and community members. We diligently reviewed countless iterations of guidance, research-based scientific evidence, and recommendations and mandates from local, state, and national officials. A pandemic team was formed with many volunteers including community members, business leaders, parents, local lawmakers, and medical professionals. We have taken our work seriously, considered all options carefully, and we have remained committed to the following priorities in all of our work:  Protect the health, safety, and well-being of students, staff, and families

  • Provide nutrition for all students
  • Provide educational opportunities that are reasonable, equitable, and take into account the variety of dynamics in every household whether the instruction is happening face to face or virtually
  • Provide clear communication and links to resources and information for our families and the greater community
  • Provide safe facilities (physical, emotional and academic) for students and staff to engage appropriately with educational activities

In addition to the challenges we have faced with rapidly changing guidance, we have also found ourselves at the center of the bitter and divisive political divide that rages in our nation. Staying focused on the above priorities has allowed us to stay distanced from the rhetoric and focused on what is most important: the health and safety of our staff and students. Every decision we have made was done with this at the forefront and with an abundance of caution. We acknowledge, honor, and understand that some families are dissatisfied with some or all of our plans. Despite our best efforts, it is impossible to create a plan that satisfies the expectations of everyone. It is for this reason that we are providing options for families related to instruction for next year.

This week we held parent meetings at each building to review the three (3) options the District is providing for educating students in the upcoming school year (2020-2021). These videos are available for your review at this link CBSD 20-21 Re-Opening Site At the end of each presentation are questions from parents attending that you may want to review prior to making a decision. The page also contains the District Reopening Plan and Extra-curricular Plan. As changes occur in the District, County, and State, the information will be updated. Please review the options below and choose what is best for you, your children, and your family. If you have any questions or concerns, contact information is provided at the end of this letter.

The three options the District is providing are:

1. Face-to-face education – students return to school and learn in classrooms with teachers.

2. Remote classroom connection – students will Zoom into their class(es) from home and be connected with teachers and class they would be within the building. The session is live. Students will be able to participate in class discussions and ask and answer questions.

3. Columbia Virtual Academy (CVA) – Columbia Borough School District cyberschool

All options, students will be provided with a computer for the school year, and access to our Technology HELP desk should there be a need for assistance.

Please complete the Student Information Form with your selection for your child(ren).


Please respond to this survey by Wednesday, August 5, 2020.

Please click the link to fill out the form:

The District will continue to offer free breakfast and lunch to all students in the buildings. Meals will be available for pick-up for the remote learning option. Details will be provided as we get closer to the start of school.

Throughout the school year, I will be in contact with you as changes occur, which will happen. Please be assured that we will communicate and be honest and transparent with you about the current environment and the guidance we are receiving from local, state, and federal officials. This is a very difficult time however our children deserve the best education we can provide them regardless of the pandemic. Every member of the Columbia Administration and staff are working to assist our students in their education of core subjects (science, literacy, math), and their social, emotional, and wellness as they live through these unprecedented times.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and flexibility during the next 10 months. Stay Healthy, Safe, and TIDE Strong!