Lunch Heroes

How are we celebrating our School Lunch Heroes? With Ice Cream of course! Stop by Park Elementary, on Cherry Street, between 9:45 and 11 to get your breakfast, lunch and your FREE Ice Cream!

"Kudos to the lunch heroes, you're all angels. I appreciate each and every one of you. Columbia Proud!"

We get this often from the mom's, dad's, grandparents and caregivers, picking up the school breakfasts and lunches and it warms our hearts.  We love seeing the little faces that come visit us on Monday, Wednesday and Friday! If we can do anything to brighten up their day, we will. 

The true Unsung Heroes are Alaina Melendez, the Director of Food Services, and her team: Laura Splain, Donald Gallagher and Stacy Ault.  The District couldn't be more prouder of these ladies and gentleman for their smiles, professionalism and generosity.  

Monday, Wednesday and Friday are pick up days for school breakfasts and lunches. On Monday and Wednesday you are given two breakfasts and one hot lunch along with a cold lunch for the next day.  Friday you are given a breakfast and hot lunch. This Friday, there will be an added bonus of FREE Ice Cream!  

So come and thank a Lunch Hero and get your FREE Ice Cream!