You are not Alone. Help is Available

Help is Available

It doesn’t need to be re-stated over and over that we are certainly in difficult times right now. The outlook millions of Americans have is grim, to say the least. The message we need to portray right now is, this is temporary, you are not alone, and social distancing does not mean anti-socializing or social isolation. No one is alone, help is available. That’s what we all need to be emphasizing right now.

Partnering Together 

The Department of Homeland Security has partnered with The Center for Community Resources and established a 24/7, mental health and crisis support line. The line is now open and available for all students, parents, and staff of the Columbia Borough School District, and nationwide for families outside our district lines. The line is for individuals dealing with anxiety, mental stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic or any other difficult emotions they may be dealing with. The line is staffed with qualified professionals trained in trauma-informed principles and is available to listen and triage a person’s needs, and refer them to the appropriate resources available in their local areas.


It’s free to call, and available around the clock at 1-855-284-2494. Please join us and help spread the word on this critical resource. We are in trying times, and it’s important to let those who are struggling know, you are not alone, help is available.