Welcome to Columbia Middle School–Hill Campus! Mr. Kedney and I are looking forward to the opportunity to work with your child. The faculty and staff at Hill Campus are dedicated to providing a positive educational experience for all of our students. Our wish is that we can help your child to excel to his/her greatest potential. In order to reach this goal, we have implemented the hybrid rotational model in a majority of the classrooms, and the remainder of the teachers will be trained in this model within the coming years. We have also implemented a 1:1 initiative, where all students will be issued a computer to use at school for which they will be responsible. These computers will not be taken home by middle school students. We have implemented a new math curriculum, Eureka Math, which should strengthen our students’ math skills. Finally, we are continuing The Rising Tide of Literacy initiative to focus and strengthen our students’ literacy skills.

We believe that your child’s educational experience will be enhanced if parents become actively involved at their child’s school. I would like to invite you to become an active member in our CMS Parent Committee, serve as a volunteer, and attend Parent Teacher Conferences. The best way to assist your student is to ask your students about their homework and to assist them with their homework when needed. Your participation will play an important role in your child’s educational career.

Our mission at Columbia Middle School–Hill Campus is for the staff to provide the opportunity for all students, according to their abilities, to become successful, productive citizens. WE ARE COLUMBIA! WE ARE CHAMPIONS!

Once again, welcome to Columbia Middle School–Hill Campus! Working together as parents and educators, we can make your student’s years at CMS–Hill Campus some of the most successful of their school career.

Jodie L. Parkinson, Ed.D.
Middle School Principal