Family Resources

Kristina Reuter, School Counselor

Tim Musser, Psychologist

Brittany Kelley, Home and School Visitor

Laura Pavelko, School Nurse

Jennifer Stipe, District SAP Assessor


School Closings Information

If during inclement weather it is determined that safe travel on the borough roads cannot be guaranteed, schools will open late or be closed. In most cases this decision is made by 6:30 a.m.

You will receive a call through our rapid notification system at the emergency number you provided for school closings, delays in start or early dismissals of inclement weather.

You can also find closing on local radio stations, TV news stations, and LancasterOnline.

Currently transitioning between housing?

The District can help.

In today’s world, more people are facing challenges every day. Sometimes, families lose housing or share a home with family and friends, or seek shelter. The District has resources and is able to make this transition easier for Columbia's families.

If you or someone you know is facing similar concerns, contact Brittany Kelley, Home and School Visitor.