CBSD District-approved Websites

The Columbia Borough School District serves to protect and maintain the privacy of our students as they engage with the increasingly necessary and engaging digital tools to support learning, classroom activities and project work. Below please find a list of the district-approved websites with which your child may interact as a registered user as a result of his work in the classroom. Please read through the spreadsheet below and reference the cited terms of service and privacy policies for each website.

For parents/guardians of children under the age of 13, an informative letter and permission form asking you to provide consent is sent home during the first week of each school year so district teachers and personnel can establish user accounts for your child when required. Please read through the websites that your children may use, complete, and send back this form to your child’s teacher as soon as possible.

Please contact your child’s principal with any questions or concerns, and/or feel free to contact Dr. Gregg McGough, and Mr. Lotsie Wooten, Director of Technology, with any questions.

CBSD COPPA List of District Approved Websites