Every school district and area vocational-technical schools is required to develop a District Comprehensive Plan and file it with the Department of Education. This replaces the former Strategic Plans that were developed by school districts.

District planning is a thoughtful, ongoing process that involves multiple stakeholders and seeks to –

  • Clearly define the mission, vision, and shared values of the LEA
  • Establish realistic goals consistent with those principles, and
  • Develop a plan of action based on the organization’s capacity for implementation.

The Columbia Borough School District’s Comprehensive Plan was developed and last filed with the Pennsylvania Department of Education in 2014. The District has the obligation of reviewing/submitting the plan every three years. Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Act 118 provided Phase II Districts a one-year extension to submit Comprehensive Plans, 30 Nov. 2017. Please follow the link below to view the plan.

Phase II District Comprehensive Plan (2017-18): Columbia-Borough-SD_Comprehensive-Plan_8-1-2017-13ntqf1

For Visual Learners, The following Edusketch Captures the Implementation Steps of Plan: