CBSD’s Rising TIDE of Literacy Joins ‘Tiny Library’ Movement

CBSD’s Tiny Library

The Columbia Education Foundation provides mini-grants to Columbia Borough School District employees to fund innovative ideas and initiatives.  The District goal for the 2016-17 year is to increase the overall literacy of not just the school but the surrounding community. A grant was written to provide for the building and implementation of Tiny Libraries. The purpose of these innovative literacy storage units is to allow people in the community to take a book or leave a book and build a true community of readers.

LNP Delivery
Used LNP Newspaper Machines

Once the grant was awarded, a search was conducted for waterproof units that would allow for the safe storage and exchange of books. After searching local retail stores, the options for affordable outside storage units were slim. It was at this time that an article about the Tiny Library Movement sparked an idea to contact LNP and ask for a donation for defunct newspaper machines. LNP not only donated but delivered five machines to the District for re-purposing for our Tiny Libraries. The Columbia Borough School District custodial staff prepared the machines and shipped them to a local Columbia Business, Joe’s Body Shop, for painting.

It is my pleasure to announce that the units are currently in the community providing 24hr. access to books. The four units have been placed at locations near all of our District buildings. Please support our Tiny Libraries by visiting to either take or leave a book. 

Dr. Gregory M. McGough, CBSD Director of Curriculum/Coordinator of Federal Programs



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